North Forth Myers Laundromat

Paul’s laundromart is at the top of Google search, results and at the top of his customers’ minds

“We redesigned our website, powered it with an SEO strategy and later switched to a maintenance plan. 

The only reason we stopped the SEO package, was because we were ranking number one literally every time someone searched for something related to our business. 

We have clients, like hotels and restaurants, from neighbouring cities, coming to our laundromat. This has helped make a significant difference to our bottom line, and it’s all thanks to the success of our SEO package. 

After 5 years with J.Co Digital Media, we’re happy to continue with our maintenance plan, which includes premium hosting, updates, backups and the ability to request basic changes to our website. 

Ensuring our website is fast, fresh and up-to-date, allows us to keep our top rankings, and helps us get business from as far as two towns away.”

Paul C


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